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  1. While the taste is good, even with beating it to death, it is heavy. It reminds me more of a granular fudge than a cake. I topped it with cream cheese icing made KETO friendly and we enjoyed it…but I was hoping for something a little lighter. Would it help to beat the eggs separately and then fold into the other mixed ingredients perhaps?

    Still…nice to have a good KETO chocolate dessert. thanks.

  2. Loved it!!!! Was mildly sweet. I ate it with a small scoop of halo top ice cream. Was just perfect. I used Lakanto monkfruit / erythritol sweetener and it was great. I baked it in a 8 inch round cake pan. I about beat it to death in my mixer until it hit a bit lighter in texture. 😜 i sprinkled the nuts on top and then gently worked them into the batter right before i baked it. It looked pretty good. I am going to get some of the powdered Lakanto sugar for sprinkling on top next time. Thanks for the recipe!!!


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