Korean Cucumber Salad


Easy, refreshing Korean Cucumber Salad is a wonderful vegan, keto simple cucumber salad recipe that's ready to eat within 15 minutes.

Why You'll Love It

– White Vinegar – Sesame Oil – Gochugaru – Minced Garlic – Swerve – Cucumbers – Green Scallions – Sesame Seeds


In a small bowl, mix together vinegar, sesame oil, gochugaru, garlic, and Splenda. Set aside.

Step 1

Peel and slice cucumbers and chop green onions. Place into a medium mixing bowl.

Step 2

Pour the dressing over the vegetables. Use clean hands to mix together the veggies and the dressing, squishing the vegetables ever so lightly to macerate.

Step 3

Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 4

Eat some now, and allow the rest to marinate until your next meal.

Step 5