- The Instant Vortex is a square shaped air fryer. - The actual dimensions of the Instant Vortex, are:     -  Inches: 12.36L x 14.92W x 12.83H     - Centimeters: 31.4L x 37.9W x 32.6H


- This Instant Vortex has a 6 quart capacity. - The square shape of the basket allows you to place a generous amount of food in the air fryer basket at one time.

Ease of Use

- The Instant Vortex comes with the options for customization of time and temperature. - All you do is set the time, temperature, and press start.


- Compared to many other air fryers that have the same capacity, this one is very affordable. - It's also a very reputable brand, so you know you're buying quality when you spend money on this product.

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