Coconut Pandan

A delicious Coconut Pandan or Panna Cotta Recipe made with 5 ingredients. You can, of course, add some whipped cream and sugar-free chocolate chips for topping, but this is delicious and filling to eat by itself.

What You'll Need

– Unflavored Gelatin – Hot Water – Full-Fat Coconut Milk – Truvia – Pandan Extract – Whipped Cream – Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips – Chocolate Syrup

How To Make Coconut Pandan

1. Whisk the gelatin in the hot water. Once it has dissolved, whisk in the coconut milk, truvia, and drops of Pandan Extract. 2. Pour mixture into small 5-ounce appetizer cups and chill in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours until set. 3. Add additional toppings if using.

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