Chicken Karahi

In less than 30 minutes, reproduce an authentic restaurant quality Punjabi Chicken Karahi at home. This low carb Keto chicken recipe is a breeze to make and is also an Instant Pot Gem recipe that you can also make on the stovetop in a wide pan or wok.

What You'll Need

– Instant Pot Gem  – Measuring Cups – Cutting Board – Kitchen Knives – Coffee Grinder – Oil – Ginger – Jalapeño Peppers – Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs – Tomatoes – Turmeric – Garam Masala – Cayenne Pepper – Cilantro – Lemon

How to make Chicken Karahi

1. Heat your Instant Pot Gem on sear/Sauté to 400F. 2. To the hot oil, add the ginger and jalapeños. 3. Add the chicken and let the chicken sear on one side and then flip over. 4. Add in tomatoes and stir well. 5. Add all the spices and stir.

How to make Chicken Karahi

6. Cook this mixture until it is all well cooked. Do NOT cover. 7. Stir once in a while.  8. As the chicken and tomatoes cook, you're going to see the water evaporating, the tomatoes caramelizing and mushing up--and most importantly, the oil separating.

How to make Chicken Karahi

9. By the time the water has mostly or completely evaporated, your chicken will be done. Verify this with a meat thermometer so it is at 165F. 10. Add all the finishing ingredients and have at it!

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