Tomato Mayonnaise Shrimp

You think I'm crazy for making a Tomato Mayonnaise Shrimp because those ingredients don't sound like they go together at all, but you need to try this recipe before you knock it.

What you'll need: 

– Shrimp – Mayonnaise – Ketchup – Minced Garlic – Sriracha Sauce – Smoked Paprika – Kosher Salt – Chopped Green Scallions

How to make Tomato Mayonnaise Shrimp 

1. Mix mayo, ketchup, garlic, sriracha, paprika, and salt. 2. Add the shrimp and toss. 3. Spray the air fryer basket. Place the shrimp into the greased basket. 4. Set air fryer to 325F for 8 minutes, tossing halfway through. 5. Sprinkle chopped onions before serving.

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