Mulled Apple Cider

Here's how you can start with fresh apples and end up with some of the most flavorful Mulled Apple Cider you've had–in about 30 minutes. Choose the sweetener and spices of your choice to customize this Mulled Apple Cider to your taste.

What you'll need: 

– Instant Pot – Cutting Board – Kitchen Knives – Mixing Bowl – Wire strainer – Ladle Ingredients – Granny Smith Apples – Truvia – Ground Cinnamon – Ground Nutmeg – Ground Cloves – Water

How to make Mulled Apple Cider

1. Place all ingredients into your Instant Pot. 2. Cook under high pressure for 10 minutes. 3.  Open the lid and stir well. 4. Place a 48-oz bowl on the counter. Place a large strainer across this bowl.

How to make Mulled Apple Cider

5. Using a soup ladle, start to transfer the contents of your pressure cooker into this bowl.  6. Using the back of the ladle, mash in the apples a bit so you're getting some good apple pulp into the cider. 7. Continue until you've extracted all the liquid and a good bit of the pulp.

How to make Mulled Apple Cider

8. Serve hot or cold, with a dollop of whipped cream.

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