Maple Pecan Bars With Sea Salt

These Maple Pecan Bars are topped with Sea Salt and made in the Air Fryer. These bars will give you that pecan pie bite, but made in half the time it takes to roll out the crust for a traditional pie.

What You'll Need

– Butter – Brown Sugar – All Purpose Flour – Kosher Salt – Butter – Brown Sugar – Pure Maple Syrup – Whole Milk – Vanilla – Pecans – Flaked Sea Salt

How to Make Maple Pecan Bars With Sea Salt

1. Line a square pan with foil, leaving a couple of inches of overhang. Spray foil with baking spray. 2. Combine the butter and brown sugar. Beat until light and fluffy. Add the flour and salt and beat. Transfer the mixtur to the prepared pan. Press it evenly into the bottom of the pan.

How to Make Maple Pecan Bars With Sea Salt

3. Place the pan in the air-fryer basket. Set the air fryer to 350°F for 13 minutes.  4. Combine the butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, and milk. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally. When it begins simmering, cook for 1 minute. Remove from the heat and stir in vanilla and finely chopped pecans.

How to Make Maple Pecan Bars With Sea Salt

5. Pour the filling evenly over the crust. 6. Set the air fryer for 12 minutes or until mixture is bubbling. 7. Remove the pan from the air fryer and sprinkle with the salt. Cool on a wire rack. Transfer to the refrigerator. Remove from pan and cut 8 bars. 8. Serve!

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