Italian Stuffed Steak Rolls

These Italian Stuffed Steak Rolls are stuffed with green spinach, red peppers, gooey Mozzarella cheese and are made easily in your air fryer! It's one of those dishes that seems fancy and difficult but is actually a breeze to make.

What you'll need: 

– Ninja Air Fryer – Flank Steak – Oil – Minced Garlic – Italian Seasoning – Kosher Salt – Ground Black Pepper – Frozen Spinach – Roasted Red Pepper – Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

How to make Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Soup

1. Place the flank steak into a bowl. Add oil, Italian seasoning, garlic, salt, and pepper. Mix well to ensure the steak is covered with the seasonings. Allow the steak to marinate for 30 minutes. 2. Place the steak on a flat surface. 3. Spread the spinach evenly over steak, leaving a 1/4 inch border at the edge. Cover with red pepper, and then cheese.

How to make Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Soup

4. Roll up the steak as tightly as you can, ending seam side down. Using a sharp knife, cut the roll in half so that you can better fit it into your air fryer. 5. Set your air fryer to 400F for 8-10 minutes, or until your steak has reached an internal temperature of 145F.  6. Let the steak rest for 10 minutes and serve.

Tips and Tricks

– When rolling the steak, make sure the grain of the meat is running horizontally.  – If you have trouble getting the rolls to stay rolls, you can use toothpicks to ensure that they hold together while cooking them. Just don't forget to remove them. – If the cut of flank steak you have is too thick, you can butterfly the flank steak (cut it in half horizontally).

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