Indian Frankie

If you've never heard of a Frankie before, you're missing out. It is Indian food in minutes! A savory, spicy "Indian Burrito", Frankies are great for using up leftovers. A great no-mess way to make Indian Breakfast Burritos that kids will love.

What You'll Need

– Kosher Salt – Eggs – Vegetable Oil – Flour Tortillas – Green Chutney – Seekh Kababs

How to Make Indian Frankie

1. Whisk eggs and salt. 2. Heat 2 teaspoons oil. When the oil is hot, pour half the egg mixture into the hot pan. 3. When the sides of the egg are just begining to set, place the tortilla on top and press down to embed the tortilla into the egg.

How to Make Indian Frankie

4. Repeat with the other tortilla/egg combo. Allow the egg to cook completely. Flip the egg-tortilla on a plate so that the egg is facing up. 5. Smear 2 tablespoons of the sauce on to the egg. Smoosh the kababs a little and place them on top of the sauce. 6. Roll up the frankie as you would a burrito, and wrap in a piece of foil.

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