Cold Start Instant Pot Yogurt

A complete guide to making Instant Pot Yogurt using the Cold Start Method, or No-Boil Method. Step by step directions to use your electric pressure cooker for yogurt, greek yogurt, sweetened yogurt, yogurt tubes, as well as a section on troubleshooting homemade yogurt.

What You'll Need

– Whole Milk – Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

How to Make Cold Start Instant Pot Yogurt

1. Pour 1/2 gallon room temperature milk into the Instant Pot liner. 2. Blend the milk full-fat plain Greek yogurt with active, live cultures. 3. Press YOGURT and set it for 8 hours. Place lid and set your valve to VENTING or use a glass lid. 4. Place the yogurt in the fridge overnight.

How to Make Cold Start Instant Pot Yogurt

5. You can use a large coffee filter in a stainless strainer to strain, place the strainer over a bowl and let drip in the fridge overnight. 6. You can sweeten using honey, agave, or a keto-friendly sweetener. You could also consider adding sugar-free syrups. 7. Place into individual yogurt jars and refrigerate for up to a week.

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