Carne Asada

Ever wonder what goes into an authentic Carne Asada recipe?  Well I can promise you it's a lot more simple than you would think!  Try this delicious Air Fryer Carne Asada for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

What you'll need: 

– Limes – Orange – Cilantro – Jalapeño Peppers – Vegetable Oil – White Vinegar – Ancho Chile Powder – Splenda or Sugar – Kosher Salt – Cumin Seeds – Coriander Seeds – Skirt Steak

How to make Carne Asada

1. Place all ingredients except the skirt steak into a blender and mix until you get sauce. 2. Cut the skirt steak into four pieces and place into a zip-top plastic bag. 3. Pour the marinade on the steak and let the meat marinate for 30.

How to make Carne Asada

4. Set your air fryer to 400F and place the steaks into the air fryer basket. 5. Cook for 8 minutes, or until your steak has reached an internal temperature of 145F. 6. Let the steak rest for 10 minutes. 7. Slice the steak against the grain and serve.

Tips and Tricks

Marinate your meat for AT LEAST 30 minutes to help tenderize your steak. Let your steak rest for AT LEAST 10 minutes so all of the delicious juices aren't wasted on your cutting board. Cut the meat AGAINST the grain for an even more tender bite.

For whole recipe and other nutritional information, click the link below!