Barley Pilaf With Mushrooms

This Instant Pot Vegetarian Barley Pilaf with Mushrooms is so delectably savory that you'll wonder why you've never made it before! It's the perfect side dish for most everything.

What You'll Need

– Olive Oil – Mushrooms – Onion – Salt – Ground Black Pepper – Pearled Barley – Water – Red Wine Vinegar – Chopped Parsley

How To Make Barley Pilaf With Mushrooms

1. Turn the Instant Pot on SAUTE HIGH. Add butter and when it melts, add onions and stir. Add mushrooms and stir. 2. Add salt, pepper, barley, and water. 3. Press PRESSURE COOK and cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 15 minutes. 4. Allow the Instant Pot NPR for 10 minutes. 5. Stir in red wine vinegar and parsley and serve.

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