Antipasto Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette

This Antipasto Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette is a delightful take on Italian salads that's perfect any day of the week!  It also makes a great keto lunch option thanks to my addition of salami, olives, and greens.

What you'll need: 

– Mixing Bowl – Whisk – Measuring Cups – Measuring Spoons – Pesto – Apple Cider Vinegar – Olive Oil – Truvia – Ground Black Pepper – Cherry Tomatoes – Mozzarella Cheese – Salami – Green Olives – Mixed Greens

How to make Antipasto Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette

Make the Vinaigrette: 1. In a small bowl, whisk together prepared pesto, apple cider vinegar, oil, Truvia and ground pepper and set aside.

How to make Antipasto Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette

Make the Salad: 1. In a large serving bowl, toss together cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, salami, and olives. 2. Pour in the pesto vinaigrette and mix well. 3. When you are ready to serve, place 1 cup of greens in each plate and top with a fourth of the tomato and cheese mixture.

Tips and Tricks:

– You can use any combination of meat for this.  – If you wanted to make these more festive, you could put the meat, tomatoes, and cheese on skewers. – Plan to eat the salad within a day or two. – This is a great lunch salad since it tastes good without reheating. – You can serve this on top of spinach leaves or other salad greens.

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